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Winter Driving tips.

The best advice for driving in severe weather is not to do it, although some journeys are necessary and although driving in wintry conditions can be tricky, there are a few things you can do to better prepare your car and your driving to aid a safer drive.

Winter Driving

Preparing your Car.
• Make sure your battery is charged.
• Check that your headlights are clean and working.
• Make sure you have sufficient tread on your tyre's (3mm is advisory in winter conditions).
• Make sure fluid levels are correct Screenwash, Engine coolant (with sufficient antifreeze), Oil level.
• Make sure wipers and blades are in order and working.
• Make sure your car has plenty of fuel in it.
• Make sure all the windows are clear from snow and ice.
• Make sure the roof is clear of snow (in case it slides down the window).

When starting the car.
• Turn off the in car electrics (radio, demisters, heater until the engine is running) before trying to start the engine.
• Press the clutch in before trying to start the car (it will take some load off the engine).

Things to carry in the car.
• Mobile phone fully charged (with in car charger if available).
• Blankets, warm clothes in case of breakdown.
• Food and drink (chocolate bars, flask of tea etc).
• A shovel.
• A first aid kit.
• A tow rope and a hazard warning triangle.
• A torch can be quite handy (with batteries), or wind up equivalent.
• An ice scraper.
• An Roadmap.
• Appropriate footwear in case you need to walk in the snow.

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